Inspecting houses or looking to buy soon? Whilst there can be many things to think about when you are in the buying stages; it’s important not to forget Methamphetamine screening. Once you’ve made the offer, had it accepted and are the brand new owner of a home – the responsibility then lies with YOU! Make sure screening and testing for Methamphetamine is part of your inspection checklist. Call our friendly team for honest advice and Meth screening options today 1300 737 378 |

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Did you know up to 99% of chronic sinus infections are caused by mould?
It can cause congestion of breathing, swelling of the face, and more. To prevent respiratory diseases, you might need to get mould decontamination treatments at home. At Dunrite Decon, we check for evidence of mould through our onsite tests, in order to determine whether your place has a mould issue and how to rid your home of it using correct treatment procedures. Contact us on 1300 737 378 today!#mould #decontamination

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Buyer beware when making such an important decision! Methamphetamine use and manufacturing are on the rise in our communities.
Get a pre-purchase inspection for methamphetamine residue done by Dunrite Decon, We offer rapid meth testing which provides an instant result as to any contamination of methamphetamine residue. Call today to speak to the team about protecting your new home…1300 737 378 |

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Clean & Pristine ✅ Spick & Span ✅ Whiter than White ✅
Your home could be all of the above and still have mould growing – normally in moist areas like kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor pool areas. Mould removal/treatment and decontamination with Dunrite Decon is your best bet to completely clear areas of hard to get at mould. 1300 737 378 |
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Are you looking to buy or sell a home? 🏠 If the answer is yes, you want to be sure that the house has not been contaminated with Methamphetamine from previous tenants.
The team at Dunrite Decon can certify that the home you’re selling or looking to buy is free from methamphetamine residue using Meth rapid testing. Talk to the team today about getting your property tested. 1300 737 378 |

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When you’re looking for mould you should check areas like
✅under the sink
✅ around the toilet base
✅the back of the close
✅In the laundry or anywhere where there is moisture or little ventilation
Contact Dunrite Decon for a thorough mould quote and we can check all the possible areas that mould can grow. | 1300 737 378

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If you have a low immune system, then the health effects of meth residue contamination will show up faster…
Methamphetamine residue will stay in the house until it is removed through thorough decontamination. Dunrite Decon have the tools and knowledge to inspect your home and decontaminate it from the harmful affects of meth residue. Keep your family safe – Call today 1300 737 378

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If I have a meth decontamination treatment of my home, will I need to repaint? This factor will depend on the condition of the house when the contamination was identified. It also depends on how much Methamphetamine was smoked or if it was manufactured. Often there will be holes in the walls as a result of anger issues and “coming down” from ice, that will need repair. Circumstances will vary, but generally, there is no need to paint as a result of a low-level contamination event.

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Mould is a harmful fungus that can cause illness and disease if left untreated. If the air in your home is moist, or there is little ventilation you may find mould appearing on ceilings or surfaces. Ensure you and your family stay healthy & can breath easy by having Dunrite Decon check for mould.

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Is your home methamphetamine free? If you don’t know the answer, you should have your house tested for Meth residue ASAP. From the initial rapid field tests which give you a positive or negative result, Lab Testing which indicates the level of contamination in your home, to developing a remediation action plan for the decontamination process; the Professional team at Dunrite Decon is here to help keep you and your family safe from the serious affects Meth residue can have on your health.
Breath Easy and call Dunrite Decon to book your testing today!

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The health effects of meth residue contamination vary in different people. Methamphetamine residue can cause allergies or respiratory issues depending on the person. That’s why getting a meth inspection is essential when you’re buying a house, or even renting a house.
BreathEasy & protect your investment by contacting the team at Dunrite Decon today.

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Do you know how meth-contaminated houses can affect you or your family?
Your health could be at risk, so act now!
If you’re going to buy a new property, you should be aware of possible methamphetamine contamination issues.
Dunrite Decon can give you an honest, positive, or negative answer to contamination by conducting Rapid tests onsite.
Contact the qualified team at Dunrite Decon to find out more today!

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Did you know that there are specific measures that should be taken to ensure the cleanliness of your workspace?
The professional team at Dunrite Decon can help you put an effective remediation plan in place, to help you create a clean environment for your employees.
Contact Dunrite Decon to set up your remediation plan today!

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Are you considering purchasing a property?
Then, for your family’s safety make sure you are aware of any meth contamination issues that you could have.
Did you know that property could become contaminated with methamphetamine residues if the drug is manufactured or smoked within it?
The team at Dunrite Decon can help with removing any meth residue in your new property.
To ensure you and your family’s safety in the house, contact the team for a quote today!

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