Answers to Common Questions

  • We Can Assist And Provide A Quote To Simply Test The Premises, This Will Be indicative To Obtain Results Fast.

  • Use Our Contact Form, We Will Be with You Shortly With A Personal Response.

  • If the carpet is left in the contaminated loungeroom, it would probably be the highest area of contamination. Your children would generally play on the floor in front of the TV, absorbing the contaminants directly. The level of contamination will determine the level of damage it will do to your child. The affects include but are not limited to extreme allergic reactions, attacking the immune system, respiratory infections/issues, asthma, and the list goes on. Behavioural issues are almost guaranteed.

    Each process Dunrite Decon has in place is generally from the path of learning. Learning from instructors, other technicians, or from other companies. We all learn from those doing the right thing, also from those doing the wrong thing. It is important to know what not to do, as much as what is best to do.

  • There hasn’t been any adverse or bad reaction to the decontamination of the houses we have decontaminated. The chemical absorbs the contaminants on the surfaces, and we remove all the chemicals. This leaves a very clean and toxin-free surface.

  • The day after we finish remediation of your house, other than that which needs to be re-instated, you can begin to move back into the newly cleaned, toxin-free, fresh home. Generally, other trades will follow our decontamination. The electrician will replace the fans and other electrical fittings that he removed as part of the RAP.

  • This will depend on the condition of the house when the contamination was found. Often there are holes in the walls of someone using meth. Anger and aggression are generally a part of ‘coming down’ from the high, after having used meth. I would expect repairs and painting to be run of the mill, but all scenarios will vary.

  • This is one of those how long is a piece of string questions. It is important to understand the amount of chemical used to remediate. Low count contamination is less chemical, but it is still a lot of work. This is not a bond clean. Insurance and back end costs are high. It is best to have a Dunrite technician attend the property to get an accurate quotation and a RAP.

  • Dunrite will take all possible care to decontaminate your home to create a fresh clean toxin-free living environment for you and your family. Although we take care not to damage anything, Dunrite will not accept liability for any damage done during the process of remediation. Often there can be damage found before we start, and we photograph everything we possibly can before we start during the preparation stage. Rest assured we do everything we possibly can not to create damage.