Steve Annells is a Qualified Master Technician in the Goldmorr system. Treatments under the Goldmorr system allow for cold fogging to eliminate all mould spores and bacteria. Cleaning of the mould can be done so as to remove mould stains seated in plasterboard.

Many people have mould growing in the bathrooms and will clean the stain created by the mould. These mould spores can be harmful to any immunocompromised person, manifesting in respiratory issues. More often than not the mould stain will re-appear showing where it has been previously cleaned. Cleaning mould may not be enough if the source of the problem is not corrected. Often there is a lack of ventilation and steps need to be taken to ensure the environment is not conducive to mould growth.

If the property is surrounded by trees and little sunlight is getting through, this may be something creating the right environment for mould growth. Plenty of air/ventilation and sunlight may be required to solve the on-going issue.

Indoor air quality testing is recommended before and after treatment.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality covers a myriad of issues in the house and the workplace. All workplaces have wide and varied environmental factors to be considered. Accommodation camps ‘out west’ have methods for dust suppression and will clean cooling systems a lot more regularly than a suburban small business.

Bacteria, viruses, and a plethora of pathogens are often found in the workplace and the results can be minimal or devastating for any business or worker.

Dust suppression will become more important as business/company owners realise what makes up the dust being breathed in by workers. Dust is a product of our environment and carries heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and pathogens. This WILL lead to future litigation, similar to that of asbestos. One of the treatments available from Dunrite, allow dust and debris to be repelled by way of a charged chemical, it is not a polymer.


Air Testing

Air testing can be expensive with samples taken, having to be sent back to the lab with results available in several days. Dunrite uses a VPC 300 particle counter that will upload test samples to a website with an immediate response. Any particles measuring from 0.3 um (microns) .5, 1, or 2.5um needs to result in concentrations less than W.H.O (World Health Organisation), specifications. Particles this small will enter the lungs when inhaled. This can have dire consequences for your health or that of your family or workers. Crystalline Silica is 2.5um. Mould is 0.3um. There is nothing good about either particle and if you have high counts being breathed in, then it is time to remedy the issue

A failed air test can generally be rectified in several ways. The treatment to clean and protect heating/cooling units and/or an air scrubbing treatment (decontamination), maybe enough to solve poor air quality.

Energy Reduction Initiative

Cleaning components of cooling systems with a true colloid chemical(food grade)and coating those components with a super hydrophilic, anti-corrosive, anti-bacterial, anti-static, and anti-fungal, will allow the system to become virtually self-cleaning and operate without load at increased efficiency for a period of up to two years. This treatment is expected to save approximately 20% of the operating cost of the cooling unit for the two years with a 4-6 month payback period.

This treatment is a recognised Energy Reduction Initiative in NSW.

With the unit operating without load, it will last longer, saving the immediate or short term enormous cost of replacement. There are several levels of money savings to be gained with this treatment, however, the other consideration is the health benefits of you, your family, or your workers. You are also reducing your carbon footprint.

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