The remediation requires an effective plan that will be explained thoroughly, allowing a full understanding of all aspects of how we will create a clean and toxin free living environment for you and your family.

Dunrite Decon Remediation Action Plan will show what needs to be removed from the house to start the clean up process. All soft furnishings and furniture will generally need to be disposed of. Dunrite should walk into an empty house to begin the cleaning stage of remediation. Carpets will be cut in 1 meter width, rolled, bagged and removed. Ceiling fans, curtains, blinds and other items will need to be removed and disposed of. All aspects of the remediation will be determined by the level and location of contamination. There may only be the bathroom that tests positive and the levels are a low smoke issue. Obviously, there is no need to remove anything outside the bathroom in that scenario. There are many variations to a RAP.


The beginning of all remediations will be a HEPA vacuum of all surfaces in the house.

A hydrogen peroxide solution will be applied via a pressurised foaming unit to the walls and ceilings of the house including but not limited to benchtops, windows, and fixtures. ALL surfaces in the house will be scrubbed several times before removing the hydrogen peroxide solution and starting the process again. The foam is left sitting on the wall for several minutes before it begins to roll down the wall. That is when the scrubbing starts. Scrubbing walls thoroughly and allowing the foam to stay on the walls, the dirt or grime or toxins can be seen leeching out of the walls. The foam can be seen absorbing all sorts of matter. We clean the contaminated foam from the surfaces with clean water, constantly changing the water, and flushing our equipment before reapplying the foam and beginning the cleaning process again. This process will occur 3 or 4 times depending on the contamination count. Each time we repeat this stage, the house becomes less toxic.

All staffs wear full protection during this process, and yes it gets very hot.

Most houses will take several days to clean. Rapid testing is done throughout the process in the areas of original testing. This will help to determine the success or failure of the clean at that time. Something of a progress report.

Where contamination levels are too high, it may be a requirement to remove the gyprock or wall surface in preparation for replacement. This will be noted in the RAP.

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