Meth Decontamination

Meth contamination is largely associated with rental properties, so if you are looking at purchasing a rental property having it tested may be a good idea. Using our meth testing kits will identify the contamination of meth residue in minutes, whether it is light use, heavy use or manufacturing will require ‘Lab testing’

Meth Lab Testing

The Labs will give us an amount of methamphetamine residue per 100cm/2 from the samples collected from your house. The samples are collected in accordance with NIOSH 9111 standards. The Lab results will indicate the level of contamination and this is where we create a Remedial Action Plan. 

Meth Rapid Testing

If you are considering buying or renting a property you should be aware of possible meth contamination issues associated with a clandestine meth lab or excessive Methamphetamine use within a property.  A meth contaminated property has the potential of making the occupants that live within that property sick. It can also be very costly to decontaminate a property.


We will create a clean and toxin-free living environment for you and your family. Dunrite Decon Remediation Action Plan will show what needs to be removed from the house to start the cleanup process.


Many people have mould growing in the bathrooms and will clean the stain created by the mould. These mould spores can be harmful to any immunocompromised person, manifesting in respiratory issues. Dunrite can provide for better indoor air quality, air testing, and energy reduction.

Meth Testing Brisbane

A quality meth screening of your home is one of the fastest and most affordable ways to determine if your home is contaminated.

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Is Your Home Meth Free?

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