Meth Decontamination

Why test properties for Methamphetamine.

If you are considering buying or renting a property, you should be aware of possible meth contamination issues associated with a clandestine meth lab or excessive Methamphetamine use within the property. Meth contamination is largely associated with rental properties, so if you are looking at purchasing a rental property, having it tested really is essential. Using our meth testing kits will identify the contamination of meth residue in minutes, whether it is light use, heavy use or manufacturing will require ‘Lab testing’

A property contaminated with methamphetamine residue, either from heavy smoking or manufacturing, has the potential to create massive health issues for the occupants. The cost of decontaminating the property can be very high, ranging from a general heavy clean at low readings to removing wall surfaces for extremely high readings.

Always feel free to get a second opinion from a reputable company that can supply you with a certificate of currency for their insurance and an effective Remediation Action Plan. I would always caution choosing the cheapest option if there is a huge difference in price, however, research so you can make an informed decision

Unfortunately, Methamphetamine may be closer than you think, get your investment property regularly meth tested or your potential new investment property purchase tested prior to buying.

Meth Testing Brisbane

A quality meth screening of your home is one of the fastest and most affordable ways to determine if your home is contaminated.

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Is Your Home Meth Free?

Make Meth Screen Testing Part Of Your Pre Purchase Home Inspection

Methamphetamine (meth) is an insidious drug that creates addiction in a short time. Meth won’t discriminate who’s life it controls or destroys. I have known business owners, smart people, good people, workers, unemployed, and stay at home mums that become addicted. They all have one thing in common. They made a bad choice. Many good people from time to time make a bad decision or choice, unfortunately, meth is unforgiving, and you pay for your bad choice.

The level of meth use in Queensland is the highest in the county. Meth has become the drug of choice; it accounts for about 50 % of all drugs used in Australia.

Clandestine labs are generally set up in residential homes. So if you are buying a house that was previously a rental, then it would be naïve or perhaps short-sighted to not test the house for meth.

If you are leasing a house, ask when it was last tested. I am sure this question will incite a variety of amusing responses. As this issue gathers further recognition for what it is, I expect real estates will begin to test properties more often. Mandatory testing on exit or vacating is not so far away.

The ‘why’ is for the health issues that may be caused if you move into a house that has a high level of contamination. The manifestation of high contamination is one of general poor health and sickness as the immune system becomes compromised, trying to fight the effects of toxins entering the body. Asthma and other respiratory issues may increase, allergy issues may become exacerbated and behavioral issues in children may become more apparent. The ‘why’ for meth testing is really quite basic, once you have the information.