Meth Screening for Rental Houses

Meth Certified testing

 METH – Methamphetamine is a drug that can create serious health issues for the user. If the house you are living in has been used by people to manufacture meth, this can create serious health issues for you and your family.

If your house has had heavy use smoking of meth by past occupants, this can create serious health issues for you and your family. Testing for the presence of Meth is quick easy and relatively inexpensive.

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 Meth TestingAustralia has the highest use of methamphetamine in the English-speaking world or indeed almost any other country. According to the 2013 National Drug Strategy Household Survey, about 1.3 million Australians, an astonishing 7 percent of the population, have used methamphetamine and 400,000 (or just over 2 percent of all Australians) have done so in the last 12 months. In comparison, only 0.4 percent of Americans say they have used the drug, according to the 2012 U.S. National Survey on Drug Use and Health. (‘’)


The Illicit Drug Data Report 2015–16, shows that while the number of clandestine laboratories (‘clan labs’) detected nationally continued to decrease this reporting period, Queensland accounted for 40.7 per cent of labs detected across the nation.

“Nationally, around two-thirds of the clan labs detected in 2015–16 were in residential locations, posing significant risks to surrounding communities as they are used to covertly manufacture illicit drugs or their precursors, with many of the chemicals used both hazardous and corrosive in nature.” (ACIC media release – 30 June 2017) The Illicit Drug Data Report 2015–16 is available online at

The numbers of clan (clandestine) labs discovered in Queensland is staggering until you realise those numbers account for approximately 10% of the real number of labs operating in Queensland with 90% remaining undiscovered.

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