Decontaminate Your Rental Home! Meth Contamination in Rental Homes

Meth contamination can be a possibility, since there are rental homes in Australia that were used as meth houses. And that’s the thing, you don’t really know when and if a property was used for such a thing. What you can do is to decontaminate the property before renting it. That way, you are 100% sure that whomever lives there is not going to deal with any meth complications or any problem like that. Instead, you will be safe and that alone can be extremely helpful.

Is it mandatory to check a rental home for meth contamination?

While the law is constantly changing, you are not forced to check the property. However, if someone lives there, they can be in danger. Meth contamination, even if it’s accidental, can have a very negative impact on your health and wellbeing. It can lead to throat irritations, skin problems, along with respiratory problems, irritability and headaches. Not only that, but if you’re contaminated, that can also lead to various sleep issues and you’re prone to health problems down the line.

Even if it’s not mandatory to check for meth problems in rental homes, you should definitely consider that. In Queensland alone, around 35% of the properties had a positive result when it comes to meth contamination.


How do you know if the property was contaminated?

The property needs to have methylamphetamine levels of over 0.5 micrograms for 100 square centimeters. If that’s the case, then the property is seen as contaminated. That means you will have to decontaminate it as quickly as you can, otherwise you will encounter a plethora of problems and you have to address that.

If someone lives in such a home when the meth levels are high, then they are susceptible to all those health issues shown above. And the problem is that most of the time, you don’t even know about this stuff. You have to find the ideal way of addressing this, and it’s not going to be simple.

Should you hire experts for rental home meth decontamination?

Absolutely, if you think that the property was contaminated with meth in any way, you need to bring a decontamination crew right away. They will assess and see if there are any signs of meth. Those can be things like chemical strain, chemical containers, there are some strange chemical sounds, the removal of light bulbs, etc. Sometimes even smoke detectors get removed in order to cook meth on a property.

A team of experts will assess the situation and if there are any signs of meth, they will remove them as quickly as possible. That way, no one needs to worry about meth issues. It’s a great option to consider, and it can help prevent many downsides or problems in the long run. After all, you can never be too safe when it comes to meth. If people are exposed to meth, then they will become sick, and you don’t want that on your rental property!