Decontaminate your rental home!

Renting a property can be a great way to generate extra income. However, you also want to focus on the health and wellbeing of those people that rent the property. That’s why decontaminating your rental home is crucial, since it can prevent any possible issues. Meth problems can sometimes be prevalent in various regions of Australia. That’s why decontaminating your home is extremely helpful, and it’s certainly something you have to take into consideration.

Are there risks of staying in a contaminated home?

Yes, if you stay in a contaminated home as a tenant, you are putting your health at risk. You can start legal action against the property owner, but it’s a good idea to ask beforehand if the property was checked and if everything is ok. Is it possible to have meth contamination on a property in Australia? Of course, sometimes there are people that specifically rent a property to cook meth.

Unfortunately, it can be very hard to figure out whether you had a clandestine lab on your property or not. These things are challenging to identify, but hiring a team of experts to help assess the property and decontaminate it becomes very important. You never know if that happened as a landlord, so decontaminating the property becomes pretty much a necessity at this point.

On top of that, you can’t rent a home that was a former meth lab without decontaminating it. That will definitely deter your ability to rent the property, so it makes sense to perform such a checkup and ensure everything is cleaned up. Otherwise, you can encounter issues and that alone will become a major challenge especially in the beginning.


Are you at fault as a landlord if there is any meth lab on your property?

It can be difficult to know who you are renting your home to. Sometimes you just go away to another country for a while and don’t come back until months after. It’s challenging to identify what kind of activities your tenants perform. And that’s the thing, you want to figure out the right way to decontaminate your home, and doing that can be extremely helpful.

If you knowingly rent your home without decontaminating it first, then you are liable and tenants can sue you. Not only that, but you will end up with various legal issues if you’re not decontaminating your home adequately. And that’s the thing, these issues are hard to know and identify. That’s why as we said, you need to hire a team of experts that can properly check the property and see if there are any signs of meth.

Once they do find any signs, they will eliminate and remove them properly. That’s crucial because now you can finally focus on renting your home without worrying about the health of your tenants or any other issues. You always want to ensure that you focus on properly decontaminating and also cleaning your home. That way the tenants have a great experience, and everything will be fine. Of course there are demanding situations that can arise, but what really matters is how you are tackling them.


We highly recommend working with a team that you can trust, and which can ensure that your property was not a meth lab. If it was, they will do their best to decontaminate the property and ensure you can rent it without issues. Remember, renting such a property without decontaminating it first can lead to major liabilities and downsides. You always want to handle these issues carefully, otherwise you can deal with legal trouble, and that’s something you want to avoid.