How Does Weather Affect Mould Growth?

One of the issues that many of us encounter within their homes is certainly mould. And that’s the thing, mould infestations can spread very fast, to the point where they can be extremely hard to control. The best thing that you can do is to try and figure out how weather affects mould growth and if there are any ways for you to stop it.

Does mould grow based on the season?

What you will notice is that mould likes water or damp surfaces. If you have low temperatures and a damp environment, chances are that mould might thrive. You may think that mould doesn’t grow during the winter, but it does, especially if temperatures fluctuate and they change very often. That alone can become a challenge and something you need to face early on.

During the spring, there’s a lot of water and high temperatures. Obviously, mould is an issue here too, because it ends up growing quickly and it spreads more than expected. The same thing can be said when it comes to the summer season, because high temperatures lead to condensation. What you can do is to check the AC drains, weather seals and ensure you have a good airflow.

Ways to prevent mould growth?

Ideally, you want to see what leads to dampness within your home and remove that as quickly as possible. Another thing that you want to do is to remove affected items and clear them of any mould. Remember that mould spreads fast, so if you leave those items there, you’ll end up encouraging the infestation which can be a problem. Clean everything up as quickly as you can.

We also recommend drying the property and removing any damp places as quickly as possible. Treating any of the leaks and cleaning the gutters/downspouts is a very good idea too. And aside from that, we also recommend removing the indoor pot plants that encourage mold growth. Even avoiding the use of compost heaps or organic mulches might help. Plus, try to vent the clothes, ventilate your home often and ensure there’s fresh air without dampness within your home.

Once you use these tips, it will be a lot easier to eliminate mould growth and focus on protecting yourself and your family. Mould infestations can be very problematic and they get out of control pretty fast. Addressing that quickly is always helpful, and you need to tackle it properly with an adequate plan!