Inspecting houses or looking to buy soon? Check the property!

There can be many things to think about when you are buying.

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It can be

– Safety around your neighborhood
– The location to transportation
– Whether the price is appropriate for your budget
and so on…

Most importantly, you should check the sanitary condition of the house.
The main reason you should check hygiene; is that it can harm you and your family’s health.
If you’re having a baby or have a child, careful decisions are always required; your house is no different since poor sanitary conditions can cause various diseases to someone with lower immune systems like babies or older people.

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For sanitary checks, you cannot skip Methamphetamine screening and mould testing. Once you’ve made the offer, & has been accepted, and are the brand new owner of a home – the responsibility then lies with YOU!
Make sure screening and testing for methamphetamine and mould is part of your inspection checklist or contract conditions when buying a place.

How do you check these issues? Dunrite Decon can help with your checklist. Call our friendly team for honest advice and Meth and mould screening options today 1300 737 378