Save children from methamphetamine residue!

As bad as methamphetamine residue can pose a risk to an adult’s health, you cannot overlook the same for children.
Since both born and unborn babies are much more fragile than grown-ups, the results of meth exposure could be more serious.

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If a pregnant woman has affected by methamphetamine residue via breathing in, this could lead to some risks at foetus including :

✅ Birth defects
✅ Growth retardation
✅ Preterm birth
✅ Birth failure
✅ Brain disease

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Even after they born, the child who is living in a home that has either been previously used to manufacture meth will be more susceptible to respiratory issues like lung irritation, damage to the liver, kidneys, heart and brain.

Our children are the innocent victims of methamphetamine! To keep your children safe, if you’re unsure whether your home has been cleared FREE from meth, Get the experiencde team’s help at Dunrite Decon to screen and eliminate methamphetamine residue today.