Signs Of Drug Use or Manufacturing in your Investment Home

Before you purchase a property, it’s very important to ensure that there’s no drug use or even worse, drug manufacturing done on the property. The reason is simple, not only can it lead to a variety of health issues, but there can be some legal implications too. Which is why it makes a lot of sense to try and figure out the signs of drug use on the property and solve them as quickly as possible. This can help convey some amazing results, and you get to ensure that the home in question was not use for any illegal activities.

Behavioural changes

Most of the time, you will notice that any meth lab operators are users. They have changes in behavior, which can be a telltale sign that something is wrong. Add to that things like violent behavior, anxiety, itching, dental problems, hyperactivity, paranoia and even memory loss, then you will see what issues can arise and how you can solve this problem properly.

See if there are signs of suspicious activity

There are other things to look out for. One of them is an increased utility usage, there can also be short stays or odd traffic/visiting hours. In some cases you will encounter a lot of complains regarding unwanted, unpleasant and unusual odors. You can also see lots of bulk items like chemical containers being brought in/out of the property. In addition, there are also pressurized cylinders, bottles, duct tables, rubber hoses, respiratory masks and so on being used on the property.

Changes done to the property

Yes, you also want to check the property for any changes. Usually, there will be some changes done here and there to allow drug use or manufacturing. Some of these changes are actually harder to identify, but you will be able to see them quite easily. These are things like ventilation modifications and hoses hanging from the windows. There might even be a new security system installed without permission.

You might even see a large amount of garbage and clutter around the property. It’s even possible to have a whole bunch of garbage bins, sometimes these people will put their trash in other person’s containers, which is quite common to be honest. Some other signs include blackened or covered windows, external property neglect and so on. All these things can easily show you that there’s drug manufacturing being done on the property, so you have to address that.


While it’s not common to find properties used for drug manufacturing, they do exist. And it’s quite possible that you end up on such a property. That’s why you need to take your time and assess the property before you buy it or use as a rental home. It’s a great idea to avoid any rush and take your time to solve any issues. Once you start doing that, you will not have to worry about any issues, and you will eliminate a lot of concerns. It’s well worth the effort to check for those signs listed above, since it can help prevent many problems!