Do you want to know if your house is contaminated by methamphetamine? There are a few ways that you can detect meth contamination yourself.

person using syringe on yellow stone on spoon

There are some signs that may indicate meth contamination, including :
✅ Odours like ammonia, or vinegar
✅ Dirty stains on the carpets or walls
✅ Multi-layered liquids in jars
✅ Baking dishes or pill packets

If you find those signs inside your property, you should suspect that methamphetamine use is active, and your house is already contaminated by methamphetamine residues, which can cause serious health issues to your future tenants.

Those signs might help you detect the possibility of methamphetamine, yet they cannot show you an accurate result. At Dunrite Decon, We check every possible area to identify the contamination of meth residue in minutes, whether it is a severe level or not via our highly accurate testing routine. Contact the team today for your free quote.