Can mould grow anywhere?

If you wondered among many different parts of the house from the carpet, desk, and to the wardrobe which part mould can grow, the answer is EVERYWHERE. The perfect condition for mould growth is ‘moisture’. Mould spores can survive an environment with water, food, temperature, and oxygen.

The perfect condition for mould will be:

Temperature: humid air & between about 77° F and 86° F
Moisture: Mould really likes wet conditions, fabric or wall can be more in danger than glass or metal. Because they are good at absorbing water and keep it.
Oxygen: Mould is a living organism need to breathe with oxygen to activate.
Food: Mould also eats food. If there is no food around, dust also can be food for them.


Of course, it’s difficult for mould to grow on such surfaces like metal or glass. Nonetheless, they can still grow and spread their spore if the surface has every condition like moisture, oxygen, and food.

So, be aware of mould spores in your house, and if you’re having any problems with mould, contact the professional team at Dunrite Decon today!