Methamphetamine is a powdered form made up of crystal meth, ice, shard, glass, shabu, etc. Methamphetamine is manufactured in clandestine laboratories. Clandestine means secret laboratories. Methamphetamine is dangerous for our health, and it can create a disastrous illness inside our bodies. It is not expensive at all. Methamphetamine is made from Amphetamine (its scientific name).

What are the side effects of this drug? It creates a lack of attentiveness and results in hyperactivity and deficiency in attention. It may also create obesity and narcolepsy, which mean sleeping disorders. Methamphetamine is cold medicine, or you can also say it Pseudoephedrine.

People who have this in the short term or low dose? It can cause you to increase heart rate, increased breathing rates, and it can elevate mood and alertness in your brain. It can also provide weight loss.

People who use a long-term high dose can cause extreme weight loss, sleeping disorder, anxiety, and dental damage (due to dry mouth and teeth dry grinding). As you know, methamphetamine is dangerous, and if the person overdoses, he can have more dangerous diseases; as a result, assume are mentioned here: one can have psychosis or (hallucination or paranoid). He can have heart attacks, seizures, strokes; he can also result in a failure of organs like kidneys, etc.; one can have death too if he takes this drug in everyday use.