The key thing you should always keep in mind is the serious health effects of methTo fully understand the health dangers of meth, we should first define what is meth made of and if in any doubt contact the meth residue testing specialists in Brisbane.

Meth is made of highly toxic chemicals, including acetone, phosphine, and pseudoephedrine. These chemicals can cause short-term as well as long-term health risks. As far as short-term symptoms go, it’s usually headaches, burns, skin rashes, and sometimes even weight loss. Long-term effects include problems with vital organs, however more research is needed to confirm.

Many people ask does meth cause cancerand the answer is – yes, it can cause cancer. However, the most vulnerable demographic for these wellness issues are minors. Adults tend to cope with possible issues of meth exposure relatively easier than babies and small kids. In fact, under-fives who are exposed to meth over long periods of time have a increased chance of developing life-long health issues.

Despite popular belief’s, you cannot deal with such dangerous things on your own. Many people think that a former meth lab just needs a good old fashioned clean-up before it turns into a new home. This is just not the case, the important element in the equation is the fact that the clean-up must be done by trained professionals who use special cleaning solutions and know exactly what it takes to clean everything up including removing of meth residue, full decontamination & mould testing.