Is Mould Worse In Summer Or Winter?

Mould is one of those problem that can have a negative impact on your home and your health. You can find mould in your garage, cellar, basement, bathroom, kitchen, but also under the carpet, in wall recesses, storage areas and many others. You always want to take good care of your home and removing any mould when you see it is pretty much mandatory. But you also want to know when mould is at its worst, that way you can prepare accordingly and prevent any possible problems that can sometimes arise.

When is mould at its worst?

Most of the concern for a lot of people is when mold become the worst it can be. Is it worse in the summer or winter? That depends on many different factors. However, it tends to be at worst during the winter due to very specific things. For example, the humidity levels increase, and that offers the best possible way for mould to grow and expand.

There’s less exposure to sunlight, which allows mould to grow even more, and that alone tends to become a very good environment for it, something to keep in mind. Drying clothes inside is also an issue, because you are generating more humidity and thus make a thriving environment for mould.

Aside from that, you also end up with window condensation and humidity due to temperature differences. Even the increased rainfall and numerous leakages that become unnoticed is a thing you have to address here.

What can you do?

There are a few things you can do when it comes to dealing with mould. A very good option is to leave the windows open, so there’s always a breath of fresh air in your home. Letting the light in is also going to help. We also recommend tracking the humidity levels too, that way you know if there’s any possibility to have mould. And yes, cleaning your home and removing any mould you see will always come in handy.

We recommend using these preventative tips, however if you already have a mould infestation, it’s important to call a team of experts. Our team has the knowledge, expertise and tools needed to eliminate mould from your home quickly and easily. We are always committed to quality and value, and we ensure that your home will be mould-free in no time. Contact us today and let us help you get rid of mould the right way!