Meth in the house: The hidden dangers

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Many people still aren’t aware of methamphetamine contamination. Every year, about 60% of houses are indicated to have meth contamination, and the number is still growing. Furthermore, the health risks that meth contamination house can cause are various and uncountable. So why do you let this hidden danger stay in your place?

If you own properties, or if you’re going to purchase one, you should check whether the property is contaminated. Otherwise, your house where you believe is the safest place in the world could be the most dangerous place for you and your family.

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One of the most commonly known misconceptions is that people could pre-conceive; is the house, and whether it’s contaminated with their naked eyes. It is hard to know if the house had methamphetamine being manufactured… People usually look for a house that is hygienic & check it is old, and run down. That is soon becoming the “not so new” normal. Methamphetamine contamination sometimes remains stains, odour, and others that make it easy to discover, but not always. Meth could be a hidden danger, even in clean houses.

Both home-owner and renters should be aware of how easily a home can be contaminated by Meth. Rapid testing will give the Dunrite Decon team an instant reading and indication as to whether there is contamination of Meth. If you don’t know whether your home has been cleared FREE from Meth, or whether the rental property you are living in has been certified call today! 1300 737 378 #protectourchildren #hugsnotdrugs |