Purchasing a home is often regarded as the largest financial investment you will ever make in your lifetime. However, buyers neglect to search for or are even aware that there could be traces of methamphetamine purchasing.

Homes, where meth has been manufactured or used, will often have common warning signs including meth residue, Yellow discoloration of walls, drains, sinks, or showers. Blue decolorization and exposed metals like gas tanks and valves, taped up smoke detectors. Strong smells like solvents and or smells similar to cat urine.

The effects of living in a house where meth was cooked can be detrimental to your health, then meth is cooked it throws off residue which contaminates every corner of a house, the walls, the floor and carpets, the ducts work. The air itself can become toxic. And this residue can last for years without the new occupants knowing about it and could result in the occupants suffering from the following symptoms nausea, extreme headaches, vomiting, eye, and ear infection, and breathing difficulties and these symptoms can be more extreme in babies and children.=

If you have any concern you should contact a reputable meth cleaning and property testing specialist that are used to conducting meth testing on properties and do not use a DIY service when it comes to the health and safety of your family.