Methamphetamine residue in a rental home

An essential point to be noted is that when hiring a rental house, make sure what is happening in the house who lives there? What was their profession? As methamphetamine is produced in clan labs that are in rural areas, or they make it in some vehicles or some residential places because it is illegal to make this drug. Wherever this drug is produced, it leaves its large amount of residue at that place; it can be stuck to your carpet, curtains, towels, and many other places. This drug residue is hazardous for our children as they can have a destructive disease at a very little age. If these residues consecutively approach our children, we will have the worst-case scenario. Adults, too, will be having the harmful effects of these methamphetamines. If the level of these drugs increased even by a smaller amount, we would be facing harmful outcomes.

We have to do some good and perfect research to reduce the danger and exposure of these methamphetamine residues in homes. It would bring out adverse health outcomes and will demonstrate well-informed and perfect guidelines for future restitution work.

The house in which cigarettes or cannabis have been smoked before is not so risky for the people living there, but a home in which people have smoked methamphetamine has human health risk. It should be decontaminated.


Methamphetamine contamination of dwelling properties is only considered a health risk wherever it is manufactured. It is commonly harmful to children as compared to adults. Children’s metabolic processes are very delicate and easy to target or susceptible to effects of chemicals than adults. The most common symptoms of methamphetamine residues exposure include headache, vomiting, nausea, respiratory difficulty, and eye irritation.

  • First of all, testing homes should only occur after consulting a local government Environmental Health Officer (EHO) who will forcefully follow all the basic and natural rules and regulations to help us for having your home to be tested peacefully; it will be a great help for you.
  • One of the best ways to test these methamphetamines is to collect used wipes, which collect surface particles and dust. They can then be tested in professional laboratories; this technique is being used in Australia.
  • Furniture which is being covered with clothes like a bedspread, table cloth, sofa cover, etc., these all clothes can be tested in laboratories to verify the residue of methamphetamine.

If you doubt that maybe methamphetamine is manufactured here and you are not sure, the tests conducted where there is no proof will result in considerably unnecessary –and too expensive for decontamination action. It will lead to a significant loss, so make sure if you have 60 percent confirmation, you try to test and decontaminate.

Decontamination will help you remove all harmful contaminated porous and molecules, such as carpets and furnishing clothes, curtains, and cleaning all other surfaces. Contact the team at Dunrite Decon today to book your meth testing and decontamination service.