Moisture, Moisture, Moisture, Mould!

If you’re reading this post right now, you might be worried about mould contamination in your house.
You may have also done all of the methods that you could possibly find on Search Engines! To destroy & rid your place of mould.. yet it didn’t work.

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What is the main reason mould keeps coming back, and growing again after you’ve cleaned it?
The reason is quite simple; your house might just contain enough moisture to help that mould grow.
Yes! It has a lot to do with MOISTURE! A home that is not well ventilated, or has excess moisture will be prone to mould growth – spores can quickly spread.

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Removing and wiping out mould seems to be a quick helpful fix. However, it will surely come back as long as your environment is conducive to mould growth. More often than not, mould stains will re-appear where it has been previously cleaned. Cleaning mould may not be enough if the source of the problem is not corrected. If you believe your house has a ongoing mould issue that you just can’t conquer. Dunrite Decon, might just be able to help.

Our qualified technicians can help you with any mould problem & will quote to remediate mould; discover undetected issues that can be causing long-term health problems; and help to ensure steps are taken within the environment to reduce & stop mould growth. Book in with the Dunrite Decon team today on 1300 737 378 and breath easy!