Warning Signs – Illicit Drug Use Or Production Within Your investment Home

Is it possible for your home to be used for illicit drug production? When you pick tenants, it’s hard to know if they will be using your home this way or anything similar to that. You must pay attention to everything, and that alone can have its fair share of challenges. With that being said, it’s crucial to start looking for signs of drug use in your home. Drug use can bring damage to home and health, especially if you bring other tenants. Which is why searching for these signs is very important.

The furniture is neglected

Most of the time, any investment property used for illicit drug use does end up having neglected furniture. Most of the illegal drug manufacturers don’t care about furnishings, so they neglect them. It might not always be a clear sign, but it’s definitely something you want to look out for.

See if there are modifications

Most of the time, one of the main signs of drug use or manufacturing within a home is any modification. If the house had major modifications recently, then that can be a sign to keep in mind. See if the meter board was tampered with or if it was rewired, as that’s just as important to keep in mind.

Strange wear and tear

This can be anything from color variations to the walls to faded paintwork or anything similar. If they are using intense lights during the setup, colors can be faded, and that’s a telltale sign that something might be wrong. Understanding that is crucial and it will make a huge difference if you know how to manage it appropriately and without any type of issues.

weathered paint indicative of meth residue

More expensive bills

Yes, the bills can also be more expensive, and that’s one of the signs of drug use. Water consumption increases during drug manufacturing, since they have to cultivate and water the crops. This can lead to damage to home and health, so you must address that fast.

window can indicate meth residue

Windows are covered or sealed

The truth is that whenever you see any sealed or covered windows, something is wrong. Sure, some people like more privacy, but if the windows are covered in aluminum foil, that’s not ok and it can raise some concerns. It might be that people are preparing drugs on your investment property, so you have to handle that appropriately.


It’s always a very good idea to really take your time and assess your property for signs of drug use. You never really know what happens on the investment property when you have tenants, so addressing this issue appropriately can help quite a bit. We recommend you to study all these signs and even look for specific items like glass flasks, gas cylinders, chemical containers, acid garden fertilizer and so on. Finding these things or even the smallest signs of drug use will help you narrow down the issue, and then you can try to solve it!

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