Where Can Mould Grow?

Mould is a fungi that can live on animal or plant matter. It can also be found on your building materials. The problem is that it can be dangerous for your health, and unfortunately it can grow in a large variety of places. Which is why you want to address the situation and ensure that you know where it can grow, so you can fully remove it without a problem. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to know where mould can grow.

How does it look?

What you will notice about mould is the fact that it can appear like discoloration, a smudge or a stain. It appears fuzzy, and it can have a variety of colors. These can range from white to green or black. But how can it affect you though? It can generate allergies, some people can end up with asthma, and even a weak immune system. In some cases, it might even lead to lung disease, so it’s certainly dangerous and something you want to address as much as you can.

Where does mould grow?

Mould can grow in a variety of places. Usually it will try to find any type of moisture. Because of that, it will be near leaky roofs, plumbing or walls with any type of moisture. Even condensation from showering or cooking can lead to mould eventually. So while it might not seem like a massive issue at first, it can certainly become one. Just try to keep that in mind, as mould can be dangerous for your health and knowing where it can grow is a major piece of information.

What can you do in order to reduce mould?

If you do encounter mould in your home, a very good idea is to try and fix leaky plumbing problems and also clean the gutters. Reduce condensation too, and air the home often. While there, you also want to use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. Service the cooling, ventilation and heating systems. All these things are going to help you prevent any mould in the long run!

It’s a very good idea to learn where can mould grow, and then you will find it much easier to stay healthy and protect your family. Mould can be dangerous, so taking action as soon as you see it can be extremely helpful. Don’t leave it, as  it will only get worse from there!