Dunrite Decon

Did you know?

For the past 12 years, we have diversified to testing air quality and remediating mould issues in buildings. Mould can be dealt with by fixing the problem that causes the mould to appear in the first place. So, we can generally identify where the issues lay and build those issues out. Maybe there is a need to trim trees back to allow natural sunlight into the house, then we can be sure to ventilate correctly. These two easy steps may be all that is required to stop or change the environmental conditions that encourage the mould to grow in the first place.

Methamphetamine residue can also be remediated. You may not know anyone that has smoked ice in your house, but perhaps someone did that was living in your house before you moved in or before you bought it. Meth residue will stay in the house until it is removed. I have tested meth residue that had been present for over 10 years in a house, it was still there above safe levels.

The health effects of meth residue contamination vary in different people. If you have a low immune system, then the effects of Methamphetamine residue will be more apparent. Your allergies may act up more frequently, or you may get chest infections or respiratory issues more regularly. You may become ill more often for no apparent reason. Your headaches have become worse and more frequent. Are your children rolling around on the lounge room floor in the carpet that has been contaminated over time because someone has smoked or manufactured meth/ice in the house? They will become more unruly and less controllable. They may be affected by methamphetamine residue.

If you have a good immune system, it may begin to suffer, and it may take longer for the effects of meth residue to show up.

Meth and Mould are just two issues effecting owners and tenants alike. Mould is generally obvious and can be attacked and sorted quickly. Meth residue contamination is generally invisible and may cause so many health issues, especially if the house or unit was used as a clandestine lab to manufacturer/cook methamphetamines.

Meth residue issues are becoming more evident as an understanding of how widespread and serious this issue has become.
Australian ice use is among the highest in the world. Queensland Police closed 300 clandestine labs in a 12 month period accepting they had probably only located 10 % of them. This was according to The Illicit Drug Data Report 2015-2016.

90% of clandestine methamphetamine labs were found to be in rental houses.

I guess the call to action has to be; – Get a meth inspection done when you’re buying a house, or even renting a house for that matter. Ask yourself the question; has your health or that of your family been deteriorating since you moved into the house you are currently living in now?